Refunds and returns serves only as a refer and only accepts deposits and provides the services to reserve and make available advertising specials and promotions as stated on  Once vehicle is in transit, delivered or possession is taken locally, the deposit will no longer be eligible for refund under any circumstance.    Any promotional material, gift cards, items, or goods not part of a normal sale of a Black Series Camper Inc., vehicle are not subject to this refund policy.  No refund will be given if these items are not made available, for any reason.  Refunds only apply to deposits submitted through

These are the only conditions that Black Series Camper For Sale will issue refund.

  • Black Series Camper Inc., can not or will not deliver your reserved vehicle at no fault of your own.  Such factors include but not limited to inventory, severe weather, quality control, transportation delays.  Black Series Camper Inc., fails to deliver your vehicle during the agreed upon delivery date period of time and you (the buyer) no longer wishes to to take delivery. 
  • Black Series Camper Inc., can not or will not acknowledge the reservation/order/deposit placed by  Upon confirmation of such a refusal will immediately issue a refund via the same method of payment.

Returns is not responsible for any Black Series Camper Inc., returns of any kind.  Which includes, but not limited too, promotional items, gift cards, or goods. does not have in inventory or claims responsibly to provide such material, promotional items, gift cards or any other items not listed here.